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I believe everyone has a special gift to share with the world. In fact, most people have several gifts. When I first met KJ several months ago when we were preparing for his family session, I could tell right away that two of his special gifts (there are more!) are his kindness and smile. As the eldest child, he was so kind and gentle with his little sisters. And it is not just me who sees that radiating smile – in fact, he is the reining “Best Smile” award-winner at the Mr. Seven Lakes High School competition.

In addition to being such a good brother, friend and student, he also is an amazing football player. Since the age of six, he has made the football field his home. Unfortunately, during a spring practice, he suffered an injury during a tackle and was unable to continue on in the sport. It was a devastating blow for someone who loved and excelled in the sport, but determination is another gift of KJ’s and he didn’t let that injury stop him from  making his mark on the athletic world in other ways. He was and continues to be a big source of encouragement for his teammates.

To commemorate his hard work on and off the field, I photographed him in his uniform on and around the field he had spent so many hours on. While walking around the school, there were several “what’s up, KJ?” and fist bumps – from kids and parents alike. We all agree, KJ has a very uplifting spirit, and has never let obstacles dim his energy.

KJ is headed to Texas State in San Marcos in the fall and I love the last image in this set, because the book he’s holding says “The future belongs to those who dream”…that Eleanor Roosevelt quote is perfectly fitting for this young man.

Congratulations, KJ, on an outstanding high school career. I cannot wait to watch you succeed and to see your untenable spirit rise to new heights.

Only the most colorful, urban areas downtown were worthy of this incredible family! The Belcher family is adventurous, enjoys traveling the world together, and are tightly-knit and loving. I knew they’d need a session that suited the many facets that comprise their family unit, and I was so excited to get to do this shoot. Sarah and Joshua (mom and dad) are bright, funny, and kind, and exceptional parents. Joshua is a lawyer, and Sarah is a gifted elementary teacher, and together, they are raising Ingrid, Malcolm, and Bea. They had super stylish outfits that complemented one another (without being too matchy-matchy!), and paired with the location, everything was seamless and stress-free! But, behind every picture-perfect family shoot like this one is…a ton of preparation! Here at Maureen O’Shay Photography, we create a session like this from the ground up, tackling every aspect and helping clients feel prepared, confident, and happy about their big day. 

First, we have an individual consult, where we figure out what the family wants, and what their vision is for their portraits after the shoot. Sarah was hoping for wall art that would fit beautifully into their family’s home, and the end result was just right. They will be able to cherish and enjoy these photos for years to come!

We also provide individualized wardrobe assistance for all our clients, including the families who come to us. This entails a style guide that helps them pull their ideal looks together, and of course, our professional input so that the colors, location, and textures all work to highlight the clients, not the clothes. 

Lastly, we offer hair and makeup recommendations. As veterans in the photography industry, we have trusted resources for both hair and makeup artists, and we can help direct you to the very best options. Both mom and Ingrid (oldest daughter) had their makeup professionally done for this shot, and they enjoyed the bonding time they shared! Andrea with Faceforward Makeup was the talent behind their elegant and age appropriate looks. 

Sarah and I worked hard, together, to make her vision come to life. And because of that prep work, this shoot was fun, authentic and exciting. It shows their true family connection and bond. This family session was the perfect opportunity to capture this unique season in the life of these five, and I loved every moment. 

This is a mock up look of what we are doing for the Belcher’s. It is such a beautiful display to capture the fun we had that day and their family connection. 

I feel so lucky that as a senior photographer I get to meet so many high schoolers with big dreams. While the clients who are guys aren’t as frequent as the young ladies, they are just as delightful. There’s been so much talk in the media lately about “boys being boys” and how problematic some behavior is among high schoolers and teens, but I’ve found nothing but respectful, handsome, and smart boys in this graduating class. Especially when they’re like Cole, who is part of the Cinco Ranch High School Class of 2019…he is truly an exemplary student, as well as a stellar young man.

He is smart, polite, and kind, and a very talented swimmer. He participated in both high school varsity and club swimming, and has reached many of his goals in the sport. In addition, he’s part of the Boy Scout organization, and involved in the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps. He enjoys keeping up with the latest rocket launches when he can, and he plans to study cyber security when he reaches college. Of his many accomplishments, his most recent has been acceptance into the Coast Guard Academy next year; a very prestigious honor. Cole has impressive knowledge and abilities that he hopes to use to serve his country in the aerospace domain.

I was impressed with his demeanor and maturity. He truly represents some of the very best qualities in the Class of 2019, and I am so honored to have been his senior photographer. I have found that students who want to serve their country after graduation are an extra-special breed, and he is no exception. This selfless and talented grad is a true credit to his family, friends, and school. Congratulations, Cole!

If you are wondering about a senior session for the graduate in your life (or yourself), you can click on our Investment page. There, you’ll find our session fees, and what’s included in this important milestone!

Every senior is special, but some are truly like family! This amazing young lady just happens to be our family babysitter, and you know if I trust her with my littles, then she must be something exceptional! Of course, besides being a star-quality sitter, she is also an all-around talented and kind young lady. Sidney is a senior at Cinco Ranch High School, where her fun and bubbly personality has her constantly surrounded by friends and family. “Fun, bubbly, energetic and thoughtful” are some of the words her friends would use to describe her, and I’d enthusiastically concur. She is also the colonel of the school’s drill team, The Cougar Stars, who just celebrated their 20th season this year. The team has been lauded with many awards, and are known as the “sweethearts of Cinco Ranch”. They also participate in many community events, as well as special days like the pep rallies or football games. Sidney is an excellent leader for the team, and definitely exemplifies the spirit of the group.

Besides her job in childcare, and also her academic pursuits, she finds time to be very active in her church, Epiphany Catholic, and values her faith. She also loves animals, and even though the goats in these images were unplanned, they were perfect for her! Sidney and I wrapped up her shoot with frozen custard from her favorite place, Freddy’s, and I realized how grateful I am to have her in my life. After graduation, she plans to attend Texas A&M Corpus Christi, in order to study the field of nursing. I know her compassionate and empathetic personality, as well as her work ethic, will serve her incredibly well there. 

Thank you, Sidney, for being such a beautiful light in our lives, and for allowing me to document your senior year.



I first met sweet Taylor a few years ago. She asked me to teach her how to take photos before their family went on a special vacation, and I was happy to provide with a few lessons before their trip. Little did I know that Taylor and her mom Angela would remain part of my life, and we would reconnect to mark her graduation from Tomkins High School. I cannot believe those years have flown by, but here we are! Now, she is preparing for the next big step in her life, and I am so proud of her. In addition to being very smart, thoughtful, and kind, she is extremely determined and never lets anything stand in her way. During her senior year, she is enrolled in the EMT program at Miller Technical. Miller is part of our school district here in the Katy ISD, and houses the students from various schools who have chosen specialized careers and technological fields. It allows these gifted students to complete half-day training as they strive for their goals, and also remain at their home schools so they don’t miss their junior and senior year experiences. 

The EMT program at Miller is very intense, especially when you decide to pursue it at such a young age, but she is so bright and driven, it has been the perfect choice. Because of her extensive work during high school, and her big, big dreams, I knew her session had to match her exuberance and spark. We did a mixture of outdoor and urban locations, and she brought some really gorgeous outfits. Her flowing maxi skirt and jean jacket had such great movement, and of course, we had to include her cap and gown. 

After a fun summer of travel and spending time with family and friends, Taylor plans to study nursing in the fall at Harding University in Arkansas. 

Taylor, I am so glad we have maintained contact over the last few years, and am so grateful I got to mark this special occasion with you! I cannot wait to to see what the future holds for you. I know it will be amazing! Congratulations!