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Maureen’s Four Tips for a Successful Fall Family Photo Session

1) Lighting! Make sure you photographer has a good grasp on lighting (off camera or natural light). The right lighting will take your portraits from good to great.

2) Makeup (and hair) – don’t be afraid to in list the help of a professional. If you want to do it one your own, just amp it up a little bit. Go with a lip stain over a lipstick to avoid kissing off your color!

3) Wardrobe – it is fall so dress the part! Break out the scarves, jackets, sweaters, etc. Layers look great and flatter nearly all body types. Even if you live in the warm weather climates, ask your photographer if you can have your session in the morning when temps are cooler.

4) HAVE FUN! You have spent a lot of time getting everyone organized, dressed and to the location on time. Hire a photographer that will direct the show so you can relax and enjoy your family. Those are the best photos ever!

Happy Fall!!

So this family is adorable (seriously, wait to you see the images). But the cutest part of this session that I didn’t know then is…drumroll, please…that the mom is pregnant! WITH A GIRL!!! I can safely say, this little girl is going to be loved so very much. Her mama is amazing and the men in her life are going to love on her like no other. I can not wait to meet her! I am already jealous of her future wardrobe – haha! This family’s got style! 

I am so excited to be finally blogging about this wonderful family. I photographed this crew the day before movers came and packed everything up. So blogging about this means we are settled in here in Houston, I have had time to edited everything, meet with my client back in Austin, showed them all these awesome photos and accompanied video (tears, I tell you!), and ordered photos.  And now, I blog.

New clients often start out as new friends – either from my children making a new friend and then I meet the parents or just from activities I am involved with. I honestly think that is why people hire me – they know me and trust me and I love that because almost every time I’m on set, I get to work with my friends! Being at ease when you are being photographed is best – and that’s what friends do. We don’t do stiff or awkward, we do fun and silly. And when we are at ease and enjoying ourselves, photos turn out fabulous!

I first met this family because their daughter became friends with my daughter at school. Then when I was volunteering at the school, this sweet girl would give me a big hug every single time she saw me. Always with a smile and an enthusiastic “Hi, Mrs. O’Shay!” (which doesn’t always happen with first graders. Usually I am just “Abbie’s mom”).

So it didn’t surprise me when I met the rest of the family – if was obvious where this little lady got her manners, smile and upbeat attitude from. And it didn’t take long for her younger brother to warm up to me and be his silly self, too. See the photos to know what I mean!

Happy to be back blogging, working and doing what I love.



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Oh man, the FIRST birthday – what a monumental occasion! Even though it is the baby’s birthday, these celebrations are really for mom and dad. They did it – they survived the first year and the baby thrived! When a baby is born, moms are exhausted. Often times in pain and dealing with an emotional roller coaster (thanks hormones) so the true celebration of life is at the first birthday where mom is gorgeous and finally sleeping more than 3 hours a night! Parenting has a rhythm by now and all systems are a go.

It was my pleasure to photograph this sweet boy in celebration of his birthday and baptism. He is so loved. Look at all the family members that came for him. Love to document this special day. Congrats Baby Colton! Your family loves you so much!

The month of February isn’t know for its gorgeous sunny days, but we lucked out with this session. I met Danielle through her mom who is the office manager at my pediatrician office. Yes, this is a small town. Everyone seems to know of everyone else and yet I still meet new people all the time. Turned out Danielle is business owner too and an awesome stylist. She owns Wild Orchid Salon (I highly recommend!). Danielle knew what she wanted and event sent me a secret pintrest board full of ideas (love this!). We had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful day and now they are enjoying their sweet baby boy. Congrats to the new family of FOUR!