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After several days of rain and dreary grey skies, the sun and the blue sky came back just in time for this gorgeous evening session two weeks ago.  I first met this family during a hot August “meet your new classmates” playdate. That was the ONLY before Kinder playdate that I managed to get to and it was fate that our girls met that day, then turned out to be in the same kinder class together and now can’t get enough of each other. Instant BFFs and too cute for words! When the opportunity came about to photograph the Herrera Family for the Cinco Ranch Magazine, I was so excited! They are so fun and full of energy, I knew the session would be a blast – and it was! We had a great time and here are some of my favorites– but for my all time favorite photo from the session, click here.


So, January is my catch-up month. The fall/winter season is so busy, both professionally with sessions and personally with holiday events and both my kids’ birthdays. And this year we added our first ever family transatlantic trip to the mix (my headed almost exploded trying to pack for that trip). While I am thankful for all those experiences, needless to say, I get behind on a few things – blogging is one of those things. But these photos are too awesome and this family is too cute not to share…even in mid February – better late then never!

The Dale Family was the featured family of the month for The Cinco Spirit Magazine and I can’t say enough good things about them. We enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon for their session – a lovely family and Cinco Ranch is lucky to have them! Here are a few more photos from their family session.

Interested in updating your own family portraits? Click HERE. 


Photographing for the Cinco Ranch Magazine is such a treat for me! I get to meet new people like the Stewart Family and discover a new area of this awesome community!! One cold afternoon last fall, David, Autumn and their two girls met up to take family portraits for the February cover and inside photo spread. The magazine highlights different sections of the Cinco Ranch so we take family portraits in a pocket park or open area close to the featured family’s home. Despite the cold and damp weather, we had a great time. The girls enjoyed playing at the local park which was a helpful distraction so I could get a few photos of mom and dad. So often the last time parents had portraits taken ALONE was on their wedding day. It’s nice to have an updated couple’s portrait that is NOT a selfie. So great to meet you, Stewart Family!!


It has been a long time since I was in high school and so much has changed, but recently I was asked to photograph the JV Cheer Squad at our local high school and I can truly say I had such a great time photographing these ladies. My husband and I are just about 7 years away from having girls this age and I hope ours are as sweet and kind as this group. While some things change, good friends and sweet young ladies always stays in style!

Looking forward to seeing you all cheer at a game! 

Maureen’s Four Tips for a Successful Fall Family Photo Session

1) Lighting! Make sure you photographer has a good grasp on lighting (off camera or natural light). The right lighting will take your portraits from good to great.

2) Makeup (and hair) – don’t be afraid to in list the help of a professional. If you want to do it one your own, just amp it up a little bit. Go with a lip stain over a lipstick to avoid kissing off your color!

3) Wardrobe – it is fall so dress the part! Break out the scarves, jackets, sweaters, etc. Layers look great and flatter nearly all body types. Even if you live in the warm weather climates, ask your photographer if you can have your session in the morning when temps are cooler.

4) HAVE FUN! You have spent a lot of time getting everyone organized, dressed and to the location on time. Hire a photographer that will direct the show so you can relax and enjoy your family. Those are the best photos ever!

Happy Fall!!