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Red, white and BEAUTIFUL!

Team EmpowHER had our 4th of July themed shoot earlier this summer and the photos are just too adorable! Because of Covid (don’t you feel like we have to say that a lot these days), the team was split into two groups – to allow for distance as much as possible. Our spring team shoot was supposed to be in April so this was their first time shooting with me and I have to say they NAILED it!

We had a great time together, being silly, trying new poses and mastering “the walk” — the girls know — but overall it was just so nice just to see each other in person. As a team, we’ve already had a few online experiences (college application workshop and a great video chat with my friend Amanda who is in Hamilton – she shared with the team about performing in a broadway production and how she got there)….but this was our first time together in real life since our makeup lessons in February.

We did a two outfits shoot – to make up for the missing spring photoshoot. So more posts to come in those looks. But if you can’t wait, you can always catch a sneak peek on my instagram at¬†

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!

(Oh, if you are just reading this thinking “what the heck is Team EmpowHER?” – head over HERE to learn more.)