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Why Booking Your Session Early is Beneficial! | Senior Photography in Katy, Texas

As you head into your senior year, portraits may not be the first thing on your mind. There are so many things to consider: scholarships, college applications, and the many milestones that all demand your time and attention. If you are a parent of a senior, you may be consumed with all the things you need to do to prepare your child to leave home and the time you want to spend bonding as a family before they head off to college. It’s a ton, and we understand.

Senior photos is an important rite of passage for several reasons: the experience boosts confidence in your senior, it celebrates the hard work that graduation represents, and it gives your grad (or grads) a special day to be pampered! But why is it important to book your senior shoot early? Here’s just a few perks to getting that date on the calendar right now:

-Booking early gets you the best available dates: This seems obvious, but is more important than you realize – especially with all the special events during senior year. You want to book early so you have your first choice, instead of fitting it in between that coveted vacation or a few college visits. Here in Texas, it gets quite super hot, so it’s important to book early on to ensure your utmost comfort in our humid weather if that is a priority to you.

-Advance booking gives you additional time to prepare: Here at Maureen O’Shay Photography, we take many steps to help guide you through the process of senior photos, including choosing locations and the ever-important wardrobe aspects. If you book far in advance, you give yourself more time to shop and really think through things you may want to include. Particularly if fashion is important to you, you will have extra time to order things online or to even head out of town to shop. You will also be able to peruse Pinterest and other similar sites so you have a clear vision of what you want.

-Early bookings mean you will not be stressing about deadlines: Having your images done and ready to go means you will also get more use out of them, including end of year banquets, at your awesome grad party, in your beautiful announcements to friends and family, and across your social media platforms. It will also give you time to create special gifts and prints from our many collections, that your grandparents or family members will treasure for years to come. Lastly, you will have one more thing checked off that ever lengthening to-do list, and be ready to fill your schedule up with things like trips and memories! 

Have we convinced you yet? We would love to walk you through the process of booking and scheduling, and we promise it will be stress-free and simple! You can get started today right HERE!