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Kendrick “KJ” | Houston Texas Senior Photography

I believe everyone has a special gift to share with the world. In fact, most people have several gifts. When I first met KJ several months ago when we were preparing for his family session, I could tell right away that two of his special gifts (there are more!) are his kindness and smile. As the eldest child, he was so kind and gentle with his little sisters. And it is not just me who sees that radiating smile – in fact, he is the reining “Best Smile” award-winner at the Mr. Seven Lakes High School competition.

In addition to being such a good brother, friend and student, he also is an amazing football player. Since the age of six, he has made the football field his home. Unfortunately, during a spring practice, he suffered an injury during a tackle and was unable to continue on in the sport. It was a devastating blow for someone who loved and excelled in the sport, but determination is another gift of KJ’s and he didn’t let that injury stop him from  making his mark on the athletic world in other ways. He was and continues to be a big source of encouragement for his teammates.

To commemorate his hard work on and off the field, I photographed him in his uniform on and around the field he had spent so many hours on. While walking around the school, there were several “what’s up, KJ?” and fist bumps – from kids and parents alike. We all agree, KJ has a very uplifting spirit, and has never let obstacles dim his energy.

KJ is headed to Texas State in San Marcos in the fall and I love the last image in this set, because the book he’s holding says “The future belongs to those who dream”…that Eleanor Roosevelt quote is perfectly fitting for this young man.

Congratulations, KJ, on an outstanding high school career. I cannot wait to watch you succeed and to see your untenable spirit rise to new heights.