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Taylor | Tompkins High School

I first met sweet Taylor a few years ago. She asked me to teach her how to take photos before their family went on a special vacation, and I was happy to provide with a few lessons before their trip. Little did I know that Taylor and her mom Angela would remain part of my life, and we would reconnect to mark her graduation from Tomkins High School. I cannot believe those years have flown by, but here we are! Now, she is preparing for the next big step in her life, and I am so proud of her. In addition to being very smart, thoughtful, and kind, she is extremely determined and never lets anything stand in her way. During her senior year, she is enrolled in the EMT program at Miller Technical. Miller is part of our school district here in the Katy ISD, and houses the students from various schools who have chosen specialized careers and technological fields. It allows these gifted students to complete half-day training as they strive for their goals, and also remain at their home schools so they don’t miss their junior and senior year experiences. 

The EMT program at Miller is very intense, especially when you decide to pursue it at such a young age, but she is so bright and driven, it has been the perfect choice. Because of her extensive work during high school, and her big, big dreams, I knew her session had to match her exuberance and spark. We did a mixture of outdoor and urban locations, and she brought some really gorgeous outfits. Her flowing maxi skirt and jean jacket had such great movement, and of course, we had to include her cap and gown. 

After a fun summer of travel and spending time with family and friends, Taylor plans to study nursing in the fall at Harding University in Arkansas. 

Taylor, I am so glad we have maintained contact over the last few years, and am so grateful I got to mark this special occasion with you! I cannot wait to to see what the future holds for you. I know it will be amazing! Congratulations!