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September Family of the Month: The Prazak Family

The Cinco Spirit cover families often tell us the reason they moved to Cinco Ranch is the sense of community. And our wonderful community was truly put to the test just 2 weeks ago when Hurricane Harvey’s rain devastated and flooded many of our neighborhoods (along with several in Houston and surrounding communities). This disaster truly hit home and our community members, along with first responders and kind strangers, rescued fellow neighbors in boats from their homes; housed, clothed and fed them; donated clothes, blankets, pillows, shoes, food and more; and helped demo houses to begin to start again. Personally, I have never seen or experienced anything like it. But with tragedy comes triumph (I heard that sometime in the past few weeks – not quite sure who said it – it’s all been a blur) and that could not be more true.

The community of Cinco Ranch has rallied together to help those impacted by these devastating floods all around the greater Houston area. For those of us who did not have property loss, we share an emotional toll with our friends and neighbors that won’t soon be forgotten. But what brought us here, what convinced many of us to move here, has been on display for all to see. The Cinco Spirit Cover family of the month, the Prazaks feel just like the rest of us. They moved here because of the sense of community, and I know they couldn’t be more grateful or proud.

Back in the late spring, long before Harvey came around, I met the Prazak family for their early morning photoshoot at Southlake – one of their favorite spots in our community. Only a few photos from the session make it into the magazine, so I always like to share more here. I hope the smiling face info this sweet boy puts a smile on your face. And thank you to everyone who makes this community so great – we are #KatyStrong!