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Recap of Pinkle Toes Workshop – Austin, Texas

Six years ago, in an effort to learn more about photography, I stumbled upon a photography blog that have visited countless times since. The style and skill level of Michele Anderson, the photographer and business women behind Pinkle Toe’s Photography was, simply put, stunning. Her work was what I dreamed mine would look like one day. It is creative, fun, inspiring and authentic. Her personality and those of her clients seemed to jump of the blog pages.

I had just started my business then and realized she offered a workshop for photographers. I met the requirements (couldn’t live in Austin and we were in Chicago at the time). But back then, it was a wee bit out of my price range and then a few months later, can you guess where we ended up moving? That’s right – Austin. So, now I was not able to take her workshop – which I completely understand yet was still bummed (no savvy business women is going to give out all her secrets to someone the same market). The years in Austin went by and I work, and worked, and worked some more to hone my skills both in camera and with clients. I dealt with a chronic disease that slowed me down for a bit, but I never stopped learning, reading and practicing.

Now, I have a successful business and love what I do. I get to meet new people all the time and capture them enjoying their family and I get to make people laugh and feel their best.

So, fast forward a few years and here we are moving, again. The a suburb of Houston. Most people would think that was tough to leave Austin (and of course we do miss our friends) but you know, one of the first things I thought was I GET TO GO TO PINKLE TOES WORKSHOP NOW! (Not living in Austin does have an upside – at least professionally.)  And this March, I was able to do just that. And you know what? It was the right time. If I had gone 6 years ago, I would not have been ready to process all the information and details. I needed the time to get better on my own, experience crazy situations, deal with them and learn from them.

But now, it was finally on the calendar. I dropped the kids off at school one Friday morning and headed off to Austin. It felt like summer camp, a professional conference and a girls weekend all rolled into one. I jammed out to 90s country music all the day (hello Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks) and took in the sights of the Texas bluebonnets just starting to bloom.

When you arrive at Michele’s studio and home, you can’t believe how many gorgeous pictures she has on the wall. And how welcoming she is – the voice you hear when you read her blog is the person you meet when you go to this workshop. Funny, warm, smart and kind.

On that first day, we did intros and talked about tricky client situations and then dove into marketing, sales, etc, etc. It was a major brain dump of info and I soaked it up. All weekend we stayed up late, got up early, ate tacos and mini bundt cakes, talked about our families and our businesses. We photographed families, one in the home and one on location. We photographed multiple maternity clients at a (my first) sunrise shoot. We learned more about photoshop, lightroom, client relations, and more. We even were photographed ourselves by Michele (new headshot coming soon! I hope it is my “best angle”).

When the weekend was over, I could hardly believe it. It just went by so fast. Once I made it home, I think I slept for two days. The amount of info and the excitement of it all was exhilarating and exhausting. But I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

So, what you have all been waiting for…drum roll please….here are some images from the weekend. It was all about being creative and trying new things. A few maternity shots of this adorable couple:

Maureen_Maternity-21   Maureen_Maternity-23 Maureen_Maternity-29

This dress was amazing but I loved the b/w conversion too. And love me some airstream shots!

Maureen_Maternity-33  Maureen_Maternity-37

Behind the scenes watching Michele at work photographing the beautiful Leah Cook who is also an amazing photographer (visit her site HERE).  Her family was too precious!

BTS_maureen_1  BTS_maureen_2  BTS_maureen_3  BTS_Maureen_4


And here are a few from the in-home newborn shoot. I think it is hysterical that most of my shots are behind the scenes shots. It was fun to watch Michele do her thing!

DSC_1114 DSC_1116 DSC_1125

And this star of the show…the sleepy baby!


I am so very thankful for Michele, Annette and this workshop and my fellow attendees. I learned so much. If you are on the fence about this workshop, don’t be. Go. Go. Go. Go! Just remember to bring your boots and your bug spray 🙂

If you want to learn more about the work shop, visit HERE.

A few of my fellow attendees blogged about their experience. You can read Erica’s HERE and Laura’s HERE.