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Four Tips for a Successful Fall Family Photo Session

Maureen’s Four Tips for a Successful Fall Family Photo Session

1) Lighting! Make sure you photographer has a good grasp on lighting (off camera or natural light). The right lighting will take your portraits from good to great.

2) Makeup (and hair) – don’t be afraid to in list the help of a professional. If you want to do it one your own, just amp it up a little bit. Go with a lip stain over a lipstick to avoid kissing off your color!

3) Wardrobe – it is fall so dress the part! Break out the scarves, jackets, sweaters, etc. Layers look great and flatter nearly all body types. Even if you live in the warm weather climates, ask your photographer if you can have your session in the morning when temps are cooler.

4) HAVE FUN! You have spent a lot of time getting everyone organized, dressed and to the location on time. Hire a photographer that will direct the show so you can relax and enjoy your family. Those are the best photos ever!

Happy Fall!!